Caging machine GIS 4
Caging machine GIS 4
Caging machine for mushroom stoppers and for crown cork

This highly esteemed machine is for caging bottles that have been previously corked with a mushroom cork (in this case it can be paired specifically with our corking machine TS3) and for corking crown corks.
Therefore it can resolve bottling problems associated with "Champenoise" type wines, bearing in mind the speed of execution and the safety of the workers using it.
It also comes with a double device for crown cork and caging machine.
Main features

  • All mechanical movements are hydraulically driven.
  • Cages are guided using magnet with automatic turnover of clamping ring.
  • Can be regulated for different type of bottles (on request also for magnum bottles).
  • Button control.
  • Safety rules have been strictly followed.
  • All mechanical parts are manufactured using high resistance steel.

Technical characteristics

  • Height mm 1640
  • Width mm 500
  • Depth mm 600
  • Height of working surface mm 1000
  • Motor 220-380 V HP 1 (three-phase and on request mono-phase)
  • Weight Kg 175
  • Production per hour 600 bottles approx